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As a continuation of her prior body of work 'In dreams, I wonder of you’, homecoming further meditates upon Serena’s personal relationships with self and land as a child of Asian diaspora and mixed-race identity. The series follows as she welcomes the interwoven feelings of presence and absence that were experienced while on her month-long stay in Thailand earlier this year. Lead by intentions of questioning, the images follow an intuitively lead approach as she enquires into one’s sense of place. The images seek to consider the push and pull between feelings of distance and connection in diasporic identities; navigating the third space, the in-between and unseen. Comprised of family portraiture, landscape, and found objects, the work offers itself as an extended love letter to Serena’s mother and to her ancestry. It is to approach visual language as a means to self-knowing, to attempt to bring the immaterial and unseen into our visual and physical spaces.

'homecoming' handmade hardback book 

self published, copy 1/1


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